Pure Embedded

pure compatibility, pure stability, pure design
compact industrial embedded Ethernet switch

Pure Embedded

embedded ethernet evaluation kit features

Pure Embedded Ethernet Switch

  • Mega compact form – smaller than a standard business card (55x55x10mm)
  • 3D CAD files and PCB footprints
  • Seamless integration with design software - logical placements and fixed distances
  • Board-to-board and board-to-cable connection
  • Stability of design guaranteed for min. 10 years
  • LEDs visible in all orientations – option to route through fibre

Pure Embedded Ethernet Eval Kit

embedded ethernet evaluation kit
  • Embedded Ethernet evaluation kit
  • Quick easy access to all PE-505 functionality
  • Simplifies integration into test systems
  • Test and debug prototypes before committing to design
  • Monitor power consumption, self-test button, link header, LEDs
  • Instant start-up - USB power option