Evolution of Networked Communication

With the evolution of advanced digital technologies, it can be challenging for engineers to integrate Ethernet technology into devices and systems that don’t always fit conveniently in cabinets or DIN rail enclosures. To tackle these issues, Brainboxes have developed the Pure Embedded Ethernet Switch (PE-505), the perfect fit for any future-proof system even where space is limited.

Brainboxes supported a leading Tier 1 supplier to go from prototype into full scale production by having all the options for design engineers to integrate Ethernet functionality into their systems.

Integrating Ethernet functionality

To create an early prototype, engineers have the option of using DIN rail mounted devices such as Brainboxes Industrial 5 port Ethernet Switch (SW-505). With its familiar interface and low design-in time, this off-the-shelf module is perfect for proving out the supplier’s original concept. After proving that the system works with the SW-505, the supplier was eager to integrate the same functionality inside of a small form factor device. An Embedded Ethernet Switch, such as Brainboxes Embeddable 5 port Ethernet Switch (SW-105), is smaller and cheaper than the DIN rail mounted option. However, it’s still challenging to fit all this connectivity into a small space.

Consequently, the supplier designed their own custom module with an Ethernet chip into their fully embedded system. While a chip is the smallest option, it still takes a lot of resources to design in. Another issue with using a chip is ensuring that the design passes all the tests: from reliable power-cycling to EMC.

Brainboxes Pure Embedded Ethernet Switch (PE-505)

Brainboxes Pure Embedded Range

Fortunately, Brainboxes released the Pure Embedded range; designed to fill the gap in the market between the traditional Embedded board and a chip.

The Pure Embedded 5 port Industrial Ethernet Switch (PE-505) was rigorously tested by the suppliers. The device was rapidly power cycled over 100,000 times (across thousands of hours) and compared to the supplier’s own custom module. The Brainboxes Pure Embedded was found to be significantly more reliable than the supplier’s in-house custom design. With its mega compact form and seamless integration with design software, and ultra reliability the supplier could easily deploy the PE-505 into production of their gas monitoring systems.