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August 22, 2014 / News

Liverpool, England – 22 August
Brainboxes announces the launch of the ED-549, a new Ethernet
networking device designed for remote monitoring of multiple analogue inputs in
industrial environments. Aimed at test, measurement and process control
engineers, it is designed to remotely gather analogue input signals over an
Ethernet network, the ED-549 ‘Ethernet 8 AI’ product has eight analogue input
channels and delivers remote access to real-time data for highly flexible and
high-precision measurements of voltages and currents from instruments located
on a process control factory floor or in a laboratory.

Most parameters in the real world
are measured using sensors with analogue outputs sensors and Brainboxes ED-549
takes these real world signals and turns them into data on your network.  As well as the popular 0-10V and 4-20mA input
devices, there is now a Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) allowing full scale 12
bit readings from signals as small as ±75mV.Each of the 8 channels is
individually configurable for voltage or current input with its own
programmable gain.

The product particularly targets
use in industrial process control environments such as water utilities, petrochemical,
transportation and food and drink manufacturing, which require the constant
remote monitoring of analogue signals such as temperature, weight, pressure and
power supply. The device is also highly suited to locations where equipment is
not easily accessible.

While some competitive
analogue-input products are hard wired to handle either differential voltage or
current inputs, the ED-549 offers enhanced flexibility by allowing both voltage
and current measurements via user-selectable jumper-enabled resistors. Users
can configure the inputs independently on each of the eight channels allowing any
mixture of measurement channels, such as three voltage and five current inputs
for example. While competitive products will often only allow a ±10V or ±5V measurement
range, the ED-549 integrates a Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) that enables
the device to offer measurement voltages as low as ±75mV full scale, With the built-in
jumper enabled resistors for current measurement, the  input ranges are ±20mA, 0 to 20mA or 4 to

The ED-549 has a power input
range from +5V to +30V DC, accommodating both the 24VDC factory floor supply as
well as being able to be powered from any PC or laptop USB port. Dual power
supply inputs allow a redundany connection which prevents downtime in the event
of failure of either power supply There are three isolation domains: the
analogue inputs; the power circuitry and the Ethernet port providing 1500V

The ED-549 can be configured,
monitored and controlledby a  Windows computer
via its very easy-to-use software interface allowing users to be
up and running quickly without requiring any extensive programming or
networking knowledge. Users can also monitor the factory floor from a smartphone
or tablet via the product’s web-based user interface and the solution is
also compatible with legacy software via a Windows COM port and
industry-standard applications such as LabView, MATLAB and Agilent VEE.

Other features of the ED-549
include a compact 22.6mm-wide footprint, ideal when DIN rail space is at a
premium; removable colour-coded and numbered terminal blocks that mean easy and
simple installation; and a –30 to +80°C operating temperature range,
which makes it suitable for deployment in harsh environments. The device
arrives with its own calibration certificate where each voltage range has been
individually factory calibrated by precision equipment whose calibration is
directly traceable back to National Standards.

“Ideal for many different
industrial applications that operate in harsh environments, the new Brainboxes
ED-549 is a highly flexible, easy-to-use and configure industrial Ethernet
device that delivers high-precision remote monitoring of independent voltage
and current inputs,” said Eamonn Walsh, Managing Director of Brainboxes. “If
you want to get industrial data live into your networked applications this is
the product for you.”

The ED-549 has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price
of £275 (equivalent to US$464 or €343).

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