Brainboxes Announces Release of RS232 Bluetooth™ Dongle

June 6, 2000 / News

Brainboxes, the leading European designer and manufacturer of PC communications cards, today announced the launch of their RS232 Bluetooth™ Modules. 

Much of the current hype surrounding Bluetooth wireless technology has centered on new devices being released with Bluetooth wireless technology built in, while enabling legacy devices is an area that has been much overlooked. Brain Boxes’ development of their RS232 Bluetooth dongles directly targets the millions of people currently using RS232 to transfer data and frustrated with the lack of flexibility that cables represent. 

Brain Boxes have released their RS232 Bluetooth dongles to allow immediate replacement of RS232 cables with Bluetooth wireless technology. RS232 devices are often not intelligent (e.g. bar code scanners, etc.), so the RS232 Bluetooth dongles from Brain Boxes have built in intelligence to allow them to pass the information seamlessly to the device, so that as far as the device is concerned it is still connected to a standard RS232 cable. 

Eamonn Walsh, Managing Director of Brain Boxes, said, “Bluetooth wireless technology is all about replacing wired connections between devices. Giving people with existing technologies a way to link into this revolution provides a momentum that would otherwise take a long time to build up. Brain Boxes are committed to providing legacy users with links to the future.”