Brainboxes Announces the Licensing of their Bluetooth™ Hardware and Software IP

June 6, 2000 / News

Brain Boxes, the leading European designer and manufacturer of PC communications cards, are pleased to announce the licensing of the intellectual property for their Bluetooth hardware and software. The Brain Boxes software stack is one of the most widely used on the market, because not only is it being sold independently, but it is also used in every product in the Brain Boxes range of Bluetooth products, sold worldwide under the Brain Boxes name and under OEM. 

Eamonn Walsh, Managing Director of Brain Boxes, said, “We are very excited to be licensing our designs. The experience we have had in developing robust solutions for our own customers gives us the perfect base for selling IP to other companies.” 

Brain Boxes have developed several Bluetooth products, including PCMCIA cards and RS232 dongles and have already had interest from many companies who want to be involved in Bluetooth wireless technology, but don’t have, or wish to expend, the development resources to create their own solution. 

The Brain Boxes IP will be available in a range of options, with full Bluetooth stack source code and PCB manufacturing details available at the highest level. 

Brain Boxes have been involved in Bluetooth wireless technology since March 1999 and have already released a PCMCIA Bluetooth card and an RS232 Bluetooth dongle.