How do I configure settings on the BB-400?


bb install

The bb install command updates the BB-400 settings with the settings from the /boot/bb_config.yaml file.

The user can edit a setting on the bb_config.yaml file and then run the bb install command to install the settings onto the BB-400. It will only change the setting(s) that are edited on the file.

How to use the bb install command

Modify a setting on the bb_config.yaml file, save the changes and run the bb install command on the terminal. The BB-CLI changes the setting on the BB-400 and returns a ‘json payload’ with success and message properties. If the settings were changed successfully then success is true, else false. The message contains extra information if a failure occurs.

  • The advantage of using bb install is that the user can change multiple settings on the configuration file at once, and run the bb install command to update the edited settings on the BB-400.
  • The bb install command requires root access. The user needs to be signed in as root user or use the sudo keyword to run this command.


  1. Open the configuration file bb_config.yaml in the boot partition.

$ sudo nano /boot/bb_config.yaml

  1. Change a setting in the file. For example, change the counter_mode setting under the io section from 16_bit_counter to 32_bit_counter.

  1. Run the command sudo bb install.
  2. If the command changed the counter_mode setting successfully then the following message will be displayed.
    "message": "1. - Value updated",
    "success": true
  1. If the input is invalid, then an error message will be displayed.
    "message": "Some of the settings were not installed. 1 of the settings failed. Error message: 1. - Invalid input for counter_mode!",
    "success": false