BB-400 Power Up Process


Powering up your BB-400

With the BB-400’s specifically designed power management system or PMU, the device has a particular power up process which is performed in order to maintain the devices operability.


Logically, the power up cycle cannot begin without the device being wired to a power supply, but which wires go to which terminal on the terminal? Firstly let’s have a brief overview of the BB-400’s (Black) power terminal, as shown below:


Going from left to right the terminals pin outs are:

Pin Description
1 Neutral Pin #1
2 Live Pin #1
3 Live Pin #2
4 Neutral Pin #2
5 Earth/Ground Pin

To power the BB-400, you need to have both a live and neutral wire connected in one of the configurations shown above, Pins 1 and 2 are referred to as the main power supply, and are typically where a power supply would be connected to, as on most of the Brainboxes ED device range.
Pins 3 and 4 are the additional power supply pins which make up the dual power supply or DPS (see DPS in PMU FAQ). Pin 5 is the earth or ground wire and while for safety this can be connected it is not a necessity. The full list of PMU configurations can be seen below.

Note: The terminal is detachable and can be taken out for easier wiring. Also, always make sure the power supply is not plugged in while you wire the terminal for an added safety measure against incorrect wiring into the terminal.

Wiring Configurations
Pin 1 (Neutral #1) & Pin 2 (Live #1)
Pin 1 (Neutral #1), Pin 2 (Live #1) & Pin 5 (Earth/Ground)
Pin 4 (Neutral #2) & Pin 3 (Live #2)
Pin 4 (Neutral #2), Pin 3 (Live #2) & Pin 5 (Earth/Ground)
Pins 1&4 (Neutral #1 & #2) & Pins 3&4 (Live 1# & #2)
Pins 1&4 (Neutral #1 & #2), Pins 3&4 (Live 1# & #2) & Pin 5 (Earth/Ground)

Having connected the BB-400’s power terminal to a power supply in one of the above configurations, you can now safely plug the terminal into the BB-400 and turn on the power supply.
(Just turn on the power supply if you did not remove the terminal block for wiring).

Precharge State

When the BB-400 starts to receive power, it does not immediately start up, it enters the “Precharge” state. This is when the device is charging its super capacitors (see UPS in PMU FAQ). It takes roughly 5 seconds for the super capacitors to charge to their configured limit. In the case of the BB-400, this is half of the super capacitors’ internal storage capability in order to preserve and increase their lifespan. The ‘Precharge’ LED will remain lit for the entirety of this charging process before going off.

Running State

Following this, the ‘Running’ LED will then be illuminated indicating that the device started correctly and is ready and operational.

UPS Enabled State

If at any point the UPS LED is illuminated, this indicates that the BB-400 has reached its lower power threshold, indicating a power slump and is in the process of turning itself off before complete power loss occurs.