RS Components Partner Exhibition

September 18, 2003 / News

The 2003 RS Components Partner Day has arrived and given that RS supply over 300,000 products to over 80 markets worldwide it should be astounding. RS seem to cherish each customer by providing incredible services such as 24/7 order receipt and processing as well as free next day delivery. The show promises to yield a plentiful turnout of RS suppliers from approximately 25 countries. The venue will be at the Rockingham Motor Speedway in Corby.

This international event is used primarily as a field sales exercise for RS Components current employees to be enabled with the in-depth product knowledge that only their suppliers can provide. From the perspective of Brain Boxes this is a chance to meet with one of our biggest suppliers employees, to communicate our revolutionary technology in both the Bluetooth and Serial communications markets.

Brain Boxes firm commitment to RS as a customer can be seen in the substantial turnout extended to this presentation of modern technology. Some of the top sales managers and staff are attending the show together with a range of new Bluetooth and Microsoft Logo WHQL approved Serial products being designed, developed and manufactured on site at Brain Boxes Liverpool.