Owen Scullion Becomes Brainboxes’ Sales Manager

July 17, 2002 / News

Following 2 successful years as a Sales Executive at Brainboxes, Owen Scullion has been appointed to the post of Sales Manager at growing North-West based technology company, Brain Boxes. 

Eamonn Walsh, Managing Director of Brain Boxes comments, “Having both worked at a senior management level in Kodak and run his own business for many years, Owen brings a wealth of experience, organisational skill & maturity to this role. This coupled with his two years service at Brain Boxes will enable him to apply his talents to the company’s best advantage.”

Brain Boxes has been producing data communications cards for PCs since 1984. In 1998, Brain Boxes joined the Special Interest Group of the then infant Bluetooth wireless technology. By the time Owen arrived, in January 2000, Brain Boxes was developing into a leading UK exponent of the rapidly emerging technology. Eamonn continues, “We see Owen’s appointment as an opportunity to put in place a new emphasis on growing and managing the sales team, as we bring Brain Boxes into increasing prominence in the UK, Europe, and the world.

Brain Boxes is now recognised throughout the Bluetooth industry as one of the key developers. Owen sees this as a great opportunity for Brain Boxes to make significant inroads into the global market. He says, “It’s an exciting challenge to become Sales Manager. My priorities are to maintain and enhance our position with the major systems integrators, and our distribution channels. It is also at a time when the promise of Bluetooth technology is becoming reality. Great things have been promised, and are expected of Bluetooth. Keeping the promises and delivering on the expectations, is key to Brain Boxes customer focussed ethos, with the challenge now being to turn this into hard sales for all concerned. Brain Boxes is ideally positioned, with a host of Bluetooth enabling products already Bluetooth SIG approved and others very close to finalisation. I intend to play a significant part in driving forward the growth of the company at this exciting time.”