Brainboxes’ Unique Serial Card Secures IBM Spain Deal Worth $5 Million

January 26, 2001 / News

Liverpool-based Brain Boxes Limited has secured a major new deal worth $5 million with IBM Spain to supply its revolutionary 3 Port PCI-Serial Card

The news follows the announcement by IBM Spain that it has won a contract with La Caixa – one of the largest banks in Europe – to upgrade its computer systems. Over 18,000 PCs will be fitted with Brain Boxes’ 3 Port PCI-Serial Card before installation at the Spanish bank.

Brain Boxes’ announcement follows hot on the heels of the launch last month of its new 3 Port card in what was believed to be a World first. 

Commenting on the new deal, Stephen Evans, Marketing Manager of Brain Boxes says: “The card needed to optimise the space available inside the PCs to facilitate connection to a number of peripherals including cash drawers and cheque readers. We were able to meet their requirements.”

Brain Boxes’ new 3 Port RS232 only utilised one of the computers PCI slots and is believed to be unique in having all three of its ports mounted on one backplate, with an optional fourth port. 

And as Nieves Delgado of IBM Spain explains, Brain Boxes’ serial card was key to them winning the contract: “Brain Boxes were a key partner for IBM in winning the contract with La Caixa. They were able to respond much more quickly than anyone else and modified their cards to our requirements.” 

Stephen Evans concludes: “We have a good relationship with IBM as we have worked hard over the last 16 years to establish a reputation as a provider of products for discerning and mission critical applications. Indeed, IBM has recognised this and some of our products that they already use are classified as ‘strategic options’ meaning that they are automatically included in their bids. We are delighted that we were able to supply them with a product that was instrumental in winning the La Caixa contract and will continue to work closely with them.”