Brainboxes Low Profile PCI Cards – Slim IS Beautiful!

January 5, 2001 / News

In what is believed to be another ‘world first’, Liverpool technology company – Brain Boxes – has today announced the launch of its new Low Profile PCI 1-Port communications card.

The new communications card, developed in-house by Brain Boxes’ technical development team, will revolutionise PC performance in working environments where space is at a premium. Although the applications for the new serial technology are widespread, the retail, banking and hotel industries are set to benefit in particular.

This news follows hard on the heels of the recent launch of Low Profile PCI – the new industry standard specification from technology giant Intel – and the introduction of low profile PCs from IBM. Brain Boxes’ new card is compatible with this new industry standard and is believed to be the first available anywhere in the world.

Brain Boxes communication cards are already extensively used by the banking, retail and the hotel industries as thousands of PCs ‘talk to’ their cheque readers, credit card readers and barcode readers through the serial cards. The new card is offered with Brain Boxes unique customer support package including a three-year warranty.

Stephen Evans, marketing manager for Brain Boxes, says:”This announcement confirms that Brain Boxes is now one of the world’s leading developers of communications card technology. We have worked tirelessly over the last 16 years to establish our reputation as an industry innovator. Our technical development team has stretched technology to the limit in developing this new communications card. This, coupled with our leading edge manufacturing facility, means that we are a force to be reckoned with in this hugely competitive market.”