Brainboxes and Orchid See First Signs of Bluetooth™ Technology Getting its Teeth into the UK Market

October 15, 2001 / News

Leading UK based communication card manufacturer, Brainboxes, has announced the appointment of Orchid UK as an official distributor of their products. The alliance, which will see Orchid selling the whole range of Brainboxes products, represents Orchid’s first move into the Bluetooth wireless communication technology market.

Stephen Evans, Marketing Manager at Brain Boxes, explains the significance of the agreement: “We are very keen to develop working relationships with application developers such as Orchid. Aside from this creating a new sales channel for our products, it is application developers such as Orchid that ensure the future of technologies such as Bluetooth, as they open up the market place through the identification of more and more potential uses.”

Orchid has already identified a number of potential applications, which are being developed. Lee Attwood, Product Manager at Orchid explains: “We will be using Brain Boxes products to drive a number of applications we are currently developing – for example we are working on a warehousing solution that will allow barcode reading equipment to be linked to PDA’s for wireless stock level checks.”

Aside from being market leaders and one of the longest standing members of the Bluetooth SIG, Brainboxes is one of the few companies worldwide to have two products Bluetooth approved to the 1.1 standard. But aside from the core product, Brain Boxes offer a great product support service. Lee Attwood explains that this was important to Orchid as a supplier: “Brain Boxes technical resources are very accessible to us, as they are UK based. It’s obviously extremely important to us that we know we can be assured of back up from our supplier-manufacturers. This benefit is also passed onto our own customers.”

Along with the Bluetooth products, the PCMCIA and Compact Flash Cards, Brain Boxes will be supplying all of their product range to Orchid. Stephen Evans concludes: “We are looking forward to a lasting partnership with Orchid, who have already shown their creative thinking and commitment to the future of the technology through the development of several marketable applications.”