Brainboxes achieves ‘green’ credentials with ISO 14001

March 27, 2008 / News

Brainboxes, a leader in serial and Bluetooth connectivity, today announced that it has received accreditation to the ISO14001 environmental standard. This globally recognised standard is awarded where a company can demonstrate effective management of all its environmental impacts, together with a process of continuous improvement.

Brainboxes employed consultants from the Manufacturing Institute to carry out an independent environmental audit of the company. “After receiving the results of this is audit, we carried out a full review of our current policies and assessed the impact of our activities on the environment,” comments Peter Gray, Brainboxes’ Quality Manager.  “This covered everything from our product design, production operations, creation and disposal of wastes, office practices, order shipping and transportation, including company car usage.”

Brainboxes has always been aware of the need to continually review company processes and has been working with National Quality Assurance since 1994, helping the company to create and maintain internationally recognised accreditation standards. To achieve accreditation to ISO14001 two visits were made by an NQA assessor over a four month period and a recommendation for approval came through in February 2008, with the final approval on 17th March 2008. 

“Brainboxes sells into a global market where environmental awareness and concerns are increasingly important and customers are keen to work with suppliers who are raising standards and considering impact on the environment,” adds Eamonn Walsh, Chairman and founder of Brainboxes. “By achieving this widely acknowledged accreditation at an early stage, Brainboxes is once again able to offer our customers the level of confidence that they have come to expect from our products and services.”