Brainboxes Achieve FCC Approval for Bluetooth USB Adaptor

October 15, 2002 / News

Brainboxes today achieved Federal Communications Commission approval for its Bluetooth USB Adaptor. The approval means that the device can now be sold to consumers within the United States. 

Peter Gray, Brainboxes’ Business Development Manager said, “This further product certification, in this case into the vast US market, continues our inexorable quest to achieve global product approval for our world class bluetooth range.”

The adaptor is designed to meet the immediate needs of those wishing to add Bluetooth functionality to either desktop or laptop computers, though it is suitable for any device possessing a USB port, including games consoles. The adaptor is line powered from the USB port and has an internal antenna built into the PCB board.

Externally it consists of only three elements; the USB plug, 75cm of shielded cable, and the adaptor itself. Shielded in an appealing two tone, impact resistant, plastic case and with an optional clip for attachment to laptop, the robust adaptor is ideal for mobile computing.