Bluetooth™ Rewards for Million Dollar Investment

February 8, 2001 / News

Two years of intensive research, and the investment of well over $2million, has paid off for Liverpool technology company Brainboxes with the announcement today that it is one of the first companies in the World to achieve official approval of a PC based Bluetooth product. 

Brain Boxes’ PCMCIA Bluetooth Card has now been successfully qualified, following extensive testing by approved Qualification Test Facilities. It is now recognised for use under the Bluetooth trademark, with shipments from its Liverpool facility set to commence in April 2001. So far, less than 50 companies worldwide have achieved Bluetooth approved product status. 

This news provides further evidence that Brain Boxes is one of the World’s leading developers of wireless communication technology. The PCMCIA Card meets the strict performance standards defined by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group and is recognised by official Bluetooth Qualification Bodies. 

Eamonn Walsh, Managing Director of Brain Boxes said: “This approval is just reward for our commitment to intensive research and development of wireless communication technology. It is the first step in qualifying our entire Bluetooth range that includes Compact Flash, USB and RS232 products. This gives us great credibility and substantiates our reputation as a leader in the industry.” 

Brain Boxes has been instrumental in the development of Bluetooth products for the past two years and is a member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. Its Bluetooth products will enable seamless communication between portable devices including PDAs, laptops and PCs. All Bluetooth products developed by Brain Boxes are compatible with all of Microsoft’s Windows operating systems and are supported by Brain Boxes’ Bluetooth software stack.