Brainboxes Lead the Way with Accreditation of a Second Bluetooth Product!

April 10, 2001 / News

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group have granted approval to a second Brain Boxes designed and manufactured product, the ‘CompactFlash Bluetooth Card’. This makes Brain Boxes one of just a handful of companies world wide to get two PC based products qualified by the Bluetooth SIG. 

While there are over 2000 companies globally who are involved with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, Brain Boxes were only the 50th company to actually get a product approved for use under the Bluetooth trademark, in February this year. This ranks them alongside the likes of Ericsson, Toshiba, Sony, Motorola and various other major blue-chip players in the technology market. Eamonn Walsh, Managing Director at Brain Boxes explains: “This second product approval clearly establishes that we are one of the most proactive and innovative companies in the Bluetooth arena.” 

And now, the 60 strong team at Liverpool based Brain Boxes are beginning to see a great return on their £2m investment over the last two years. Mr Walsh continues: “Bluetooth SIG approval is very difficult to achieve, because the standards set out are exceptionally high. But we firmly believe that in meeting them, and gaining this second qualification, we are ensuring that we are at the forefront of this major wireless technological revolution.” 

The latest product in the Brain Boxes range to achieve the required accreditation is the ‘CompactFlash Card’ that is designed for use with hand held PCs, and will enable seamless communication between portable devices including PDAs, laptops and other PCs. Like all Bluetooth products being developed by Brain Boxes, the CompactFlash Card is compatible with Microsoft’s Windows operating systems. 

Eamonn concludes: “At Brain Boxes, we have always been dedicated to the design and manufacture of the very best products. This accreditation effectively confirms that our standards are of the very highest order and we expect that the CompactFlash Card will be a major seller once it gets shipped to market in Q2.”