USB Bluetooth Adaptor ‘Designed for Windows XP’

January 8, 2003 / News

Brainboxes has announced that its USB Bluetooth product has been approved by Microsoft Corporation’s rigorous Designed for Windows XP logo program qualification process. The Brainboxes USB adaptor – has been approved by the Windows Hardware Quality Labs which means that it will now carry the Designed for Windows XP logo.

The Brainboxes Bluetooth USB adaptor is one of the first Bluetooth devices to receive the qualification logo assuring consumers of the product’s stability and reliability when used with Windows XP. The company has worked very closely with Microsoft’s Bluetooth development team over the last couple of years to ensure all Brainboxes’ products meet Microsoft’s demanding standards.

With the recently launched RS232 Converter, Brainboxes offers the full range of Bluetooth adaptors for PCs to replace traditional cable connections including RS232, USB, CompactFlash and PCMCIA. Brainboxes’ products can all be purchased online and are available now from as well as other online and high street retailers.

“Windows XP now offers support for Bluetooth, so we are happy that leading Bluetooth product developers such as Brainboxes have been quick to bring to market qualified Bluetooth products,” said Michael W. Foley, Wireless Architect, Microsoft Corporation. “Bluetooth products from Brainboxes with the Designed for Windows XP logo make it possible for consumers to do away with cables connecting their peripherals to a PC and to easily enable a wireless mobile environment.”

Eamonn Walsh, managing director of Brainboxes, added, “The qualification of Brainboxes USB Bluetooth adaptor against Microsoft’s strict qualification process is testament to our commitment to produce the highest quality products.” Walsh continued, “The achievement of the Designed for Windows XP logo will reassure our customers that they are buying products guaranteed to operate reliably under Windows XP”.