What IO Protocols are available on the BB-400


BB-400 IO and Protocols

The BB-400 provides a variety of protocols that can be used to receive and modify the status of the IO lines. The IO protocols available are REST, WebSockets, Unix Domain Socket and ASCII TCP.

The BB-400 allows connections to multiple protocols at the same time, over different devices. Changing the state through one API will allow changes to be reflective over other protocols. The image below shows an example of the connections possible from the server, the BB-400 and a range of different clients, the protocols.


The following table lists the connection characteristics of each protocol available on the BB-400:

Max number of commands/sec400150350
Average response time (for 1 user)2.7 ms11 ms2.5 ms
Max number of simultaneous connections200n/a10


Links to protocol FAQs

For further details on the IO protocols available on the BB-400 and how to use them please refer to the following links:

1. REST: FAQ What is the REST Protocol?
3. WebSockets: FAQ What are WebSockets?
4. Unix Domain Socket: FAQ What is Unix Domain Socket?