How can I fit multiple devices in an enclosure?


Often Brainboxes products are installed in a cabinet or enclosure. Sometimes this means there isn’t a lot of space to fit everything in.

This can be a great way to protect your wiring from difficult environments , ingress and water damage, or just from the hustle and bustle of the factory floor.

One way lots of engineers choose to install our standard range products is to stack them.

IP67 rated enclosure
Devices inside enclosure

To do this you will need:

Part Number Description
"MK-048 MK-048 A set of Brainboxes DIN rail clips
standoffs 653-9368 4x Standoffs – 25mm tall with M4 screw thread
Available from RS
hex screws 183-8626 M4 Hex screw with 5mm thread length
Available from RS
piece of DIN rail A small section of DIN rail to fix inside your enclosure

The stand offs are just the right size to sit between your two Brainboxes products, in this case a 5 port ethernet switch SW-005 and 8 LINE Digital I/O ED-008.

Position Stand offs

Loosely position stand offs MK-048 and screws and adjust until all 4 in line through products:


Tighten screws

Once all four are correctly in place tighten:
tighten screws

Finished Set up

close up in box