RS Crane Monitoring

RS Components have a Global Next Day Delivery Guarantee which leads to the shipping of approximately 1 order every second. Any downtime in their warehouse would affect this service meaning Frank the Supervisor needs to be aware of faults in real-time wherever they might be on 5 miles of production line.

The ability to send real-time data across expansive spaces makes optimisation of any environment possible. In their vast warehouse they have a system of 20 cranes at work over half a mile away from Frank’s Office.

By installing our remote I/O modules to the panel, they were able to harness IIoT and send usable data concerning the cranes’ processes, productivity, and faults, to screens on the warehouse floor, supervisor’s offices, and onto a mobile app. Not only does this make vital information accessible to every team member, but analysis of the data allows RS to identify trends in productivity and adjust their processes accordingly.