Facilities Management

Integrate systems for a fast response – There can be challenges managing large sites. Get connected to collect information as it happens and respond quickly.



A perfect fit, up and running in a matter of hours.

Jon Martin, Intelligent Video Ltd

Monitor video, smoke detectors and perimeter security, integrate into your existing software to generate alerts and status reports and respond with lighting and access control.

Running additional cables can be either expensive or impossible. One solution is ‘tunnelling’ over existing infrastructure, which can transfer serial or I/O data between two devices over Ethernet without the need for an additional PC.

Brainboxes’ products are compatible with lots of different equipment, such as cameras, smoke detectors and all types of sensors and actuators, helping you bring multiple elements across large sites under convenient central control.

Don’t spend weeks looking for combinations of parts, talk to our sales team about an integrated solution from Brainboxes.

Brainboxes Products Highlighted in this case study