Top selling serial cards now ‘Designed for Windows XP’

April 10, 2003 / News

We are pleased to announce that our top four RS232 cards have received WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) approval from Microsoft. The cards will each carry the Designed for Windows XP logo and are ideal for retail, banking, test and measurement or industrial equipment – all of which will benefit from the knowledge that the Brainboxes’ card meets Microsoft’s Designed for Windows XP standards. Brainboxes’ other top selling serial cards are expected to follow suit within the next few weeks. 
Windows Catalogue – Brainboxes product listing

The four cards range from one to four RS232 ports from a single PCI slot. Interrupt pins and addressing are automatically configured by the BIOS or operating system to ensure there is no resource conflict. The supplied software CD supports all Windows operating system options from 3.x up to XP, plus DOS and OS/2. The CD also includes manuals and sample programs complete with full source code.

All Brainboxes serial cards are host processor controlled, giving the best performance possible, with virtually no latency in today’s fast machines. Brainboxes’ standard RS232 cards are based on 16550 UARTs with a buffer size of 16 bytes and capable of handling a maximum baud rate of 115,200bits per second simultaneously on each port – sufficient to reduce the burden on the CPU by removing the chance of buffer overrun. They are ideal for connecting bar code scanners, PIN pads, external modems, label printers, or any other RS232 device. The four products (CC-246, CC-257, CC-475, and CC-268) are available now worldwide from RS Components and Farnell.

Microsoft has established the “Designed for Windows” logo to help customers identify products that deliver a high-quality computing experience with the Microsoft® Windows® XP operating system. The “Designed for Windows XP” logo on a product indicates that the product will be stable when running Windows XP; the related software or driver components can be installed or removed easily; and the basic experience with the product and the operating system will be the same or better after upgrading to future versions of Windows.
Brainboxes has worked very closely with Microsoft’s Bluetooth development team over the last couple of years to ensure Brainboxes’ wide range of serial and Bluetooth products all meet Microsoft’s demanding standards.

Eamonn Walsh, managing director of Brain Boxes, added, “The qualification of Brainboxes RS232 PCI cards against Microsoft’s strict qualification process is testament to our commitment to produce the highest quality products.” Walsh continued, “The achievement of the Designed for Windows XP logo will reassure our customers that they are buying products guaranteed to operate reliably under Windows XP”.

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