TDS introduces Brainboxes’ wireless connectivity to the ‘ACTIVboard’

October 3, 2003 / News

TDS, the UK’s leading interactive whiteboard manufacturer, has linked up with Brainboxes, the Bluetooth and serial PC add-on specialist, to provide wireless capability to its range of whiteboards. The addition of Bluetooth technology to the boards will improve the safety of the working environment by removing the need for cables trailing between PC and ACTIVboard. The Bluetooth wireless connection also reduces the set-up time between PC and whiteboard.

The award winning range of TDS ACTIVboards, which work in conjunction with a PC and an LCD/DLP projector, provide an interactive presentation medium for the education, police, health and corporate markets. The large, highly durable writing area makes it ideal for group presentations, e-meetings and teaching environments. Digital technology on the board and in the ACTIVpens mean that ease of use, speed and convenience are all maximised. Bluetooth adds to all these benefits by bringing wireless connectivity between the board and a PC up to a range of 50 metres – more than sufficient for the classroom or office environment. 

TDS ACTIVboards with the optional Bluetooth kits, named ‘ACTIVlink’, are available now from TDS or TDS channel partners. Tim Porter, product manager at TDS, commented, “Our work with Brainboxes has helped us provide our customers with a more flexible product, removing the need for a physical link between the PC and the board and making the boards even easier to use. We pride ourselves in offering only the latest technology to all our resellers and end users, and are delighted to be one of the first whiteboard manufacturers in the UK to offer such functionality.” 

Eamonn Walsh, managing director of Brainboxes, added, “Brainboxes is always 
looking to partner with leading companies who bring the latest technologies to 
market in innovative ways. In TDS we are happy that we have found a partner 
able to offer a serious Bluetooth application with benefits in terms of safety and convenience for business and educational users.”