Super Serial

December 8, 2016 / News

An RS232 serial connection is still one of the most versatile, secure and reliable ways to transfer data.

A multitude of peripheral equipment,
from weigh scales, display screens, and cash recyclers to label printers can
work with a serial connection. 

In the retail sector point of sale systems continue to utilise the compatibility and adaptability
of the RS232 interface. Medical and scientific equipment as well as the financial and
banking sector favour Serial because of its relatively secure and reliable data

Whilst laptop manufacturers have been removing Serial port connectors in their pursuit of ever thinner portable devices, there simply isn’t the same driving demand on the manufacturers of peripheral equipment. Though many manufacturers are adding additional types of connectivity to their new models, they recognise that Serial continues to provides an excellent connection for commercial applications and is favoured by many engineers. 

Serial offers multiple connections to different types of device

Reasons to choose Serial:

  • Compared to USB, RS232 can be run over cables up to 15m long, offering flexibility whilst
    maintaining a physical connection
  • Simple
    protocol requiring little software support
  • Still
    the de facto programming option for PLCs, VFDs, servo drives,
    and CNC equipment
  • Great for headless and embedded systems
  • Set up correctly it can provide error free data transmission
    with minimal maintenance
  • Great compatibility with legacy equipment and systems
  • Point to point – easy and cheap to implement


PCI Express cards are amongst our most popular and established products, offering a
great solution whether it’s a one off or a volume roll out. With great software
compatibility across an extensive range of connection options there’s a product
to match any situation.

We have recently assisted in a large roll out of PCIe cards, working with a retail customer from conception to delivery, supporting their application development. For this project we provided a customized RS232 + LPT card, with exactly the right number of connections for the customers peripherals and provided a driver just for their specific version of Linux. This meant that every installation was as quick and simple as possible, saving their engineers valuable time. As every card is manufactured in our Liverpool headquarters we were able to deliver to their schedule.

For over 15 years we have provided serial solutions to a major company in the banking sector. The PC hardware has changed considerably over the years but we provide continuity of functionality through our products and support. One of the main advantages for an industry where time really is money, is the reliability of the serial connection and Brainboxes support on hand to assist their engineers in achieving minimal downtime and hassle free operation. 

Our high speed Serial cards are used in military grade and space applications. With data transfer rates fifteen times faster than standard Serial cards our solutions save valuable time when handling large amounts of data. 

Reasons to choose Brainboxes for your Serial installation:

  • Commitment to supply and support – we design and manufacture all products 
  • Latest version and custom Driver/OS
        Support – continued compatibility
  • Lifetime support service- from conception to maintenance at the level you need


Get an out of the box solution for your unique application – talk to us today.