Now ‘Three into One’ Will Go!

August 29, 2000 / News

It was always going to take a ‘brainbox’ to challenge the old adage ‘three into one won’t go’ – but that’s exactly what has been done for the launch of what is believed to be a ‘world first’ with a new 3 Port PCI Serial Card.

Liverpool-based Brainboxes Limited has launched the new card to help clear up the tangle at the back-end of tens of thousands of PCs as users struggle with the ‘breakout’ boxes and messy cables.

Brainboxes specialise in the design and manufacture of in/out communications cards for PCs. The new 3 Port RS232 is believed to be unique in having all three of its ports mounted on one backplate. The move means tidier desks, cleaner connections and significant cost savings for anyone who uses the new technology.

The applications for the new serial card are widespread. Brainboxes products are already extensively used by the banking industry, the retail industry and the hotel industry as thousands of PCs ‘talk to’ their cheque readers, credit card readers and barcode readers through the serial cards.

Stephen Evans, marketing manager for Brainboxes, says: “Over the last 16 years we have worked hard to establish a reputation as a provider of products for discerning and mission critical applications. This new card will help us maintain our competitive edge in a hugely competitive industry.”

The 3 Port RS232 will allow users to put the card in a PC and have 4 serial ports including the one on the motherboard, but without the usual tangle such an arrangement is often associated with.

As a leading edge supplier the company is also heavily involved in the deployment of Bluetooth™ wireless technology.

Stephen says: “What makes the 3 Port RS232 so special is the ease of installation, its reliability and the technical support that comes with it. All these factors make it ideally suited to mission critical applications.”