Mezoe and Brain Boxes Collaborate to Provide Easier Bluetooth™ Route

March 22, 2001 / News

Mezoe, the new wireless products business of Cambridge Consultants Limited (CCL), is collaborating with Brain Boxes, helping them and their customers to make Bluetooth wireless technology easier to implement. This follows successful tests which showed complete interoperability between Mezoe’s software and Brain Boxes’ hardware solutions. 

The Bluetooth Developers Kit from Brain Boxes, including our recently qualified Bluetooth PC card, will also deliver Mezoe’s StackPrimer™ tutorial, and the BlueStack® demonstration software. This will provide users with a valuable insight into Bluetooth wireless technology, along with a demonstration of wireless file transfer between two platforms. 

By upgrading to Mezoe’s Proto Developer™ customers can then develop prototypes in a friendly PC environment, either for subsequent use with the Brain Boxes card or in preparation for porting to their target host microprocessors using the BlueStack® Bluetooth protocol software stack software. 

David Wilson, Mezoe’s Bluetooth Product Manager said, “The new card from Brain Boxes provides an excellent low cost entry platform for Bluetooth developers whilst harnessing the power of our Bluetooth software products.” 

Stephen Evans, Marketing Manager for Brain Boxes said, “Combining Bluetooth SIG qualified products from Mezoe and Brain Boxes makes perfect sense. Mezoe’s software expertise is an excellent fit with Brain Boxes hardware products.”