Introducing the BB-400 NeuronEdge Controller

July 1, 2018 / News

Scalable out-of-the-box IIoT device for your Industry 4 journey

With over thirty years experience providing some of the most robust communications in the industry, Brainboxes continue their commitment to improving solutions with the BB-400 NeuronEdge Controller

Power Input

  • 5 pin colour coded and labelled removable terminal block
  • +5 to +30 VDC dual redundant power supply

8 Digital IO lines

  • Software selectable as input or output
  • All lines either NPN or PNP
  • LED status for each line
  • Input up to +30VDC

UPS Uninterruptible power supply

  • UPS consists of two large capacitors, acting as batteries to provide back-up power
  • When supply is interrupted the UPS provides enough power for the Compute module to shutdown cleanly, preventing corruption of the disc
  • Shutdown is triggered automatically when the UPS is activated
  • 4 LEDs show the status of UPS

Ethernet ports

  • 2 standard Ethernet Magjack ports
  • Both with status and link LED indication
  • Ethernet ports are separate (not a switch)
  • Separation can help simplify set up
  • Provides network engineers with administrative options
  • 1 provides an uplink for transferring data onto the corporate network or beyond
  • 1 provides LAN for linking devices on the factory floor
  • Link LED, green, indicates there is a connection made between the device and something capable of communicating, the status of this LED is controlled by the hardware
  • When Link LED flashes green information is being transmitted
  • Status LED for LAN port indicates 10/100mpbs off=10 on =100


  • 802.11 b/g/n standard Wi-Fi
  • Alternative to the uplink port
  • Enables an internet connection where cable can’t be run

Pi Compute Module 3

  • An industrial module made by Raspberry Pi
  • Provides the processing power
  • Familiar Linux CLI terminal software/interface

Realtime clock

  • Time and date stored – timestamping preserved if shut down
  • Battery backup keeps chip running
  • Battery is replaceable

Use in conjection with other Brainboxes devices to customise and expand your aplication.

User friendly Software

  • Easy configuration through web based dashboard
  • Open source, Linux system, provides accessible programming and customisation options
  • Use with ASCII and JSON, Websockets and REST
  • Free APIs, such as .NET with more being added.
  • Benefit from large developer communities using the open source software.

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