Brainboxes launch new driver for Serial Solutions 6.2

February 15, 2006 / News

This driver is the first to pass through an enhanced test regime developed over the last year, which includes a range of new stress and functionality tests. It has also passed the Microsoft Logo Approval Tests for both 32 and 64 bit systems. This means that it is a ‘signed’ driver and will install in Windows Server 2003, XP, and 2000 without a security prompt. The new CD with updated datasheets will be included in all new serial card products including the UC, UP, PM and CC ranges.

As part of Brainboxes commitment to supporting the latest technologies, the driver includes new processor affinity features for greater flexibility and performance on Multicore, Multiprocessor and Hyperthreading enabled machines. This enables users to specify to run sections or the whole of the serial solutions driver on a single processor, allowing greater flexibility in load management with other processes and applications running on the system. This is all set from a simple menu accessed from device manager.

The new driver also benefits from enhanced accuracy and control of the FIFO Trigger levels and a host of other new features, such as better modem control for all serial cards, and improved performance with serial mice and other low data rate peripherals.

The uninstall application has also been revised and now allows re-installation without a reboot or ‘hotplug’ of the card. This makes it faster and easier for engineers to update the drivers.