How do I update the BB-CLI configuration file?


Why do we need the bb update command?

On Linux there is often no single source of truth

On the BB-400 there are often multiple ways to perform an action. For example, the hostname can be changed in 5 different ways:

  1. Using nmtui command
  2. Through the web admin page (cockpit)
  3. Changing the hostname in the files /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname
  4. Using the BB-CLI
  5. Using the hostnamectl command

Therefore, the bb update command gets the current settings on the BB-400 and updates the bb_config.yaml file.
This makes it easy for the user to view and change the settings in one place even though the settings were changed outside of the BB-CLI.

If you need multiple BB-400s to have the same configuration, you can simply copy the configuration file (/boot/bb_config.yaml) and deploy it on other BB-400s.

How does the bb update command work?

Run the bb update command on the command line and wait for the following response.
Note: Requires root or sudo access.

bb@bb400-00b0:~ $ sudo bb update

    "success": True,
    "message": "Finished update"

The user should now be able to see the current settings of the BB-400 on the /boot/bb_config.yaml file or by running the command bb config on the command line.