The parallel / printer port on my PCI card will not work in Windows XP.


We are now able to provide support for parallel ports in Windows XP.
Please follow these steps:

1. Uninstall the Serial Solutions drivers if you have attempted to install the card already, then reboot your PC.

2. Download and unzip the following driver to a New Folder on your desktop: Installation Files

3. Reboot the PC.

4. Upon restarting, the Add New Hardware wizard will start. Choose to “Install from a Specific Location” and then browse directly to the New Folder on your desktop. Choose OK to start the installation of the card.

5. The ports will also be installed in a similar way using the Add New Hardware wizard.

6. The Brain Boxes ports can be viewed under Ports in Device Manager. This is accessed by right clicking on My Computer on the desktop. Then choose Properties > Hardware > Device Manager > Ports

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