How do I physically fit/install my ISA, PCI or PCI Express card into my computer?


    1. Before the PC card can be installed the power to the PC MUST be switched OFF, and to ensure extra safety, the power lead removed from the PC.
    2. Remove the cover mounting screws:
      Remove the PC mounting Screws
    3. Remove the PC cover:
      Remove the PC cover
    4. Removing Blanking Cover:
      unscrew bracket from slot

Choose an empty expansion slot. Remove the blanking cover protecting the slot on the PC back panel. KEEP the blanking cover screw safely for later. Insert the PCI Serial Card:

Place card into empty slot

Now insert the PCI Serial card in the slot. Be careful to ensure that the gold plated PCB fingers fits neatly into the expansion connector. Press down firmly but evenly on the top of the PCI Serial card

  1. The connectors should fit neatly through the slot’s aperture to the outside world.
  2. Now replace the system unit’s cover by carefully sliding it down and back over the system unit. Replace the cover mounting screws.
  3. After attaching all the monitor and keyboard cables, power up the PC. Do not forget the mains power cable! The PC should then power on in the normal way.


If the system fails to power up normally, check the following:

  • Ensure that the PCI Serial card is installed correctly.
  • Ensure that other cards in the PC have not been upset.
  • Ensure that the power is connected and the PC is switched ON!

If all these have been checked and the PC still does not power up then inspect the area surrounding the card to ensure that any potentially harmful bits of metal etc. are not present.

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