How do I control my Remote IO Device from Windows


From the Windows Operating system there are a number of methods to control Brainboxes Ethernet Remote IO modules (product codes starting ED, for example: ED-588).

By Installing a Virtual Com port

A Brainboxes Virtual COM port can be installed which allows legacy software to simply communicate with the Ethernet IO module. This allows pre-existing applications to communicate with the Ethernet IO Module.

For more information see this FAQ:

By Using Industry Standard Software

Industry software such as Labview, MATLAB and Agilent VEE can control the Ethernet Io module using the virtual com port or via a TCP connection.

By Using a Programming Language

Windows has many language runtimes available. Brainboxes provides a suite of APIs for many programming languages including:

Testing from Windows

The Ethernet IO modules can be simply tested using the integrated terminal console on the device webserver or by using our ED Terminal Console Application. Or by running any of the sample code provided with the APIs shown above.

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