Global Jet Watch

Clean Communication From the Other Side of the Planet

Oxford University’s Global Jet Watch team has a network of 5 observatories around the globe. Ensuring one of their telescopes is in darkness at any given time is vital in collecting the right dark matter data for their research, hence the stations’ strategic distribution in longitude.

What massively helps our digital signal infrastructure are the products made by Brainboxes…Utterly rugged products they survive extremely high temperatures such as we have in Southern Rural India

—Katherine Blundell, OBE, Global Jet Watch

To collect data on the high-speed plasma jets that are squirted out of black holes, the Global Jet Watch team rely on Brainboxes Ethernet to Serial modules and Industrial Ethernet Switches. As our devices can withstand the harsh temperatures of the telescopes’ environments, they are able to facilitate reliable integration between the control panel in Oxford, UK and the observatories thousands of miles away.