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Featured image for “Discover PoE Gigabit: Streamlined Power, Enhanced Vision”

Discover PoE Gigabit: Streamlined Power, Enhanced Vision

Simplify industrial setups with PoE Gigabit Ethernet switches: high data speeds, streamlined power and automatic PoE, setting the standard for efficient CCTV and Vision Systems
February 29, 2024
Featured image for “Smart Energy Monitoring Drives Sustainability”

Smart Energy Monitoring Drives Sustainability

In an era marked by unprecedented surges in global electricity demand and energy market volatility, smart energy monitoring and management using IIoT solutions can help
October 6, 2023
Featured image for “SFP & Sustainable Energy Management”

SFP & Sustainable Energy Management

The integration of versatile SFP tech with Gigabit Ethernet’s high-speed capabilities enables seamless scalability, allows businesses to easily expand and adapt their networks as their
August 3, 2023
Featured image for “Accurately Analysing Traffic Scenes”

Accurately Analysing Traffic Scenes

Utilising the Brainboxes Industrial Ethernet Switches, GovComm can monitor the data & determine when a vehicle is travelling the wrong way on a highway exit
June 5, 2023
Featured image for “Data from the deep: Capturing Continuous Video from the Ocean Bed”

Data from the deep: Capturing Continuous Video from the Ocean Bed

Brainboxes Ethernet switches support the successful operation of the mission-critical equipment in extreme environments
April 3, 2023
Featured image for “Measuring Energy in Precision Engineering”

Measuring Energy in Precision Engineering

With Brainboxes Remote IO devices, you can reduce your energy consumption and eliminate unplanned downtime
February 15, 2023
Featured image for “Sustaining Smiles with Smart Energy Monitoring”

Sustaining Smiles with Smart Energy Monitoring

With Brainboxes smart energy monitoring system, you can proactively monitor your energy usage to identify potential flaws
November 8, 2022
Featured image for “Remote Temperature Monitoring in Breweries”

Remote Temperature Monitoring in Breweries

Using Brainboxes devices, breweries can extend the reach of temperature monitoring and control securely across their entire company network
November 3, 2022
Featured image for “Improve Your Bottom Line Without Costing the Earth”

Improve Your Bottom Line Without Costing the Earth

How smart industrial energy monitoring can help reduce the impact of market volatility, increase brand perception, and save you money
October 10, 2022
Featured image for “Medical Monitoring: Secure data with Serial devices”

Medical Monitoring: Secure data with Serial devices

In the medical sector, serial data connection enables patient data to be updated quickly and accurately.
September 14, 2022
Featured image for “Harnessing the Power of the Sun”

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Research into nuclear fusion aims to develop power plants that, like the sun, can generate vast amounts of climate friendly energy
February 23, 2022
Featured image for “From Industrial Waste to Clean Energy”

From Industrial Waste to Clean Energy

Fuelling smart heating systems with edge control technology helps lower carbon emissions, meaning carbon credits and tax relief
October 14, 2021