BB16CF950+ : CompactFlash UART Interface Chip

Brainboxes UART interface chip overview

The BB16CF950+ ASIC is perfect for use in PCMCIA / CompactFlash cards or other devices that require a UART interface. It has a wide operating tolerance of 3.3V to 5V, making it suitable for a large range of portable devices, from PDAs and cellular phones to laptops and point-of-sale terminals. It is a low profile chip, which means it is ideal for CompactFlash type I and II slots as well as PCMCIA type 2 and 3 slots.

Ideal for Bluetooth designs:

Working closely with CSR, we have engineered the chip for a glueless interface to BlueCore01 and BlueCore2 chips, with several specific features built in such as power shutdown control, SPI interface for flash programming and auto reset on power up. All of which hold advantages to system designers – maintaining flexibility and minimising power consumption levels in the finished design.
We also provide a Bluetooth CompactFlash reference design based on the BB16CF950+ and CSR’s BlueCore 2 chip, which gives fast time to market for manufacturers.


  • Low power consumption
  • Register and functionally compatible with 16C750 UART
  • Compatible with existing 16C450/550/750 drivers
  • 128 byte send & receive FIFO buffers
  • Glueless interface to CF/PCMCIA bus
  • 1.5Mbaud serial interface
  • Glueless interface to CSR BlueCore chips

To receive the full databook for the chip we ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Email [email protected] for further details.