EasyODM.tech, featuring our flagship machine vision software, specializes in pioneering AI-driven quality inspection solutions.
Our team, which includes PhD-level scientists, excels in custom project solutions, tackling complex challenges that often seem impossible.
With our advanced technology and innovative approach, we enhance efficiency and accuracy in manufacturing processes across various industries.
We provide tailored solutions that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each sector, ensuring top-quality control.

Core Services:
– Machine vision software;
– Custom AI quality inspection solutions for manufacturing;
– Automation and process optimization.

Website: https://easyodm.tech
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/easyodm
Twitter: https://twitter.com/easyodm

Technical Integration with Brainboxes ED-008

EasyODM.tech utilizes Brainbox ED-008 as a digital signal input/output module, essential for interfacing with various sensors.
This integration transforms external digital signals into computable formats for standard computers, enabling real-time data processing and automated decision-making in our AI systems.

The integration is done in C++ language, if you need this type of integration please contact us at https://easyodm.tech/contact-us/

Integration of Brainbox ED-008: Use Cases

1. PET Preforms AI Quality Inspection Case

In this case, EasyODM.tech has successfully integrated the ED-008 Brainbox in the AI quality inspection of PET preforms.
The ED-008 interfaces with optical sensors, detecting the positioning of preforms and triggering the necessary actions for quality control.

Key Functions:
– Sensor integration for real-time defect detection
– Automated lighting and camera activation

– Enhanced precision in quality control
– Reduced defect rates in PET preform manufacturing

Case Study

2. AI Quality Inspection in Medical Device Manufacturing Case

In this case, our integration of the ED-008 has significantly improved the quality inspection process in medical device manufacturing.
The device’s precise digital signal processing capabilities are crucial for identifying manufacturing defects, upholding stringent quality standards.

Key Functions:
– High-precision defect detection
– Digital output signals indicating quality status
– Adaptability in sensitive manufacturing environments

– Maintained high-quality standards in medical device manufacturing
– Reliable and efficient defect identification

Case Study