RS232 to Bluetooth Converter Launched

December 10, 2002 / News

Brainboxes has announced an addition to its extensive range of Bluetooth adaptors for PCs, with its latest RS232 to Bluetooth converter for the widest range of products with RS232 connectors – from PCs to label printers, test equipment to modems. Brainboxes BL-521 is a Class 1 Bluetooth radio, permitting devices to be connected wirelessly up to at least 100 metres and is likely to see a vast range of applications especially within the industrial and banking sectors. The BL-521 converter is available now from 

Unlike other Bluetooth RS232 adaptors, the Brainboxes BL-521 converter is not restricted to Windows PC applications and so, regardless of operating system, will Bluetooth-enable a wide variety of equipment which use standard RS232 serial ports such as industrial, banking and warehouse equipment. Since the BL-521 does not require expert installation, for a relatively small investment the Brainboxes converter enables the wireless transmission of data across factories, shops or banks.

Wireless connectivity can be applied in many ways, but an example of where it can cut costs and improve productivity include the remote servicing of inaccessible equipment. This saves time and money as the engineer will be able to service and check on equipment with no disruption. Remote metering is also possible using Bluetooth, enabled by Brainboxes’ RS232 converter, and again allows access to the machine or its data without any disruption to production.

Complete with a 75cm cable the BL-521 Bluetooth converter is supplied with the necessary software and is fully approved to version 1.1 of the Bluetooth specification. Brainboxes is also offering the BL-521 as a module only, making it possible to plug the Brainboxes module onto the motherboard of the exisitng equipment with an internal RS232 connection. The BL-521 module is also available now and will be supplied with a simple application permitting settings such as baud rate to be set easily and quickly.

Eamonn Walsh, managing director of Brainboxes, commented, “The BL-521 brings together the best of our product areas; serial cards for industrial, banking and retail applications and, Bluetooth adaptors.” Walsh continued, “This means Brainboxes now offers a powerful wireless connector to traditional serial cable customers – reducing their dependency on cabling and vastly expanding their connectivity options. We expect this new converter to appeal to a massive market especially as companies realise the benefits of reducing their dependency on cables and see the simplicity of implementing Bluetooth using our converters”.