Brainboxes releases the 4 port RS422/485 PCI Express products

February 24, 2009 / News

Since launching our PCI Express RS232 range last
year we have continually expanded this range on the basis of the great
feedback we have received from end users. We have recently expanded the
range to include RS422/485 cards and are now ready to release the
latest additions.

Our previous edition informed you of our RS422/485 PCI Express serial
launch, with the first releases being our 1 & 2 port versions. We
are continuing to expand this range and are now ready to release our 4
port versions of these cards:

The RS422/485 boards provide higher speed operation and connections up
to 4,000 feet. The cards have 128 byte FIFOs, 1 MegaBoard data
transfers, with on board Hardware and Software flow control. RS422 and
RS485 are bus systems and up to 32 standard load or 128 low load
devices per port can be connected. RS422 is supported with dedicated
pairs for TxD, RxD, RTS and CTS signals. RS485 systems are supported in
both Full Duplex mode using 2 pairs of wires and in Half Duplex mode
using 1 pair of wires. The Half Duplex mode uses Brainboxes proven 485
Autogating circuitry for automatically turning the line around from
receive to transmit and back again whenever the PC needs to send data
to devices. They also come with Brainboxes’ acclaimed customer support
package, including Lifetime Warranty & Support, that makes
Brainboxes stand out above other manufacturers and makes us the serial
card supplier of choice for companies around the world.

Eamonn Walsh, Brainboxes Managing Director stated “These products have
been designed to meet the continual demand for high reliability 422/485
serial connections in the Industrial Sectors. For example:

Europe’s leading manufacturers of games machines uses Brainboxes’
RS422/485 cards for touch screen video gaming. The cards connect
several machines and link back to a server in the back office, creating
a simple network which is ideal for transmitting data over long
distances and in noisy environments. A Brainboxes’ broadcast customer,
which specialises in bespoke development in key TV & video
technologies including teletext and subtitling, has its server
connected up to broadcast automation systems via Brainboxes RS422/485
cards. These bring together the equipment such as the editing suite,
video tapes, sound and interactive services, with teletext, before
broadcast via transmitters into homes by the BBC, ITV and Cable TV
stations. ”

The full range will comprise of 1, 2 and 4 port cards with opto
isolation options available, and are supplied with an installation CD
including manual, Microsoft signed drivers & utilities. Brainboxes
is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and these cards are compatible
with 32 bit and 64 bit editions of Windows Server 2008, Vista, XP,
Server 2003 and 2000. It also comes with Brainboxes’ acclaimed Serial
Solutions software, which is installed in hundreds of thousands of
systems worldwide and is recognised to provide industry leading
stability and reliability.