Brainboxes Receives Qualification for Bluetooth Software Suite

August 13, 2002 / News

Brainboxes, the Bluetooth and serial PC add on specialists, have received full qualification for their Bluetooth software suite, ensuring full Bluetooth 1.1 compliance and seamless interoperability with Bluetooth devices from other manufacturers. This makes Brain Boxes one of the few companies worldwide to have developed the complete Bluetooth end user solution – both hardware and software. The easy to use, fully customisable software is designed to provide a simple way for end users and system integrators to add Brainboxes Bluetooth products into their systems. A wide range of Bluetooth products are available from Brain Boxes, including Type I Compact Flash, USB and Type II PCMCIA.

Extremely easy to use and configure, Brain Boxes new software suite allows development engineers to fully customise all aspects of the Bluetooth user experience. Developers have extensively tested a beta version of the software and feedback from the beta tests has been incorporated into the final version from Brain Boxes. Suitable for Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Millennium and Windows 98, the software is immediately available for the full range of Brain Boxes Bluetooth peripherals.

“Developing our own software stack was important to us,” remarks Stephen Evans, marketing manager of Brain Boxes, “not only does it allow us to provide full support to our customers, but also maintains expertise in-house fostering flexibility and innovation. The combination of software and hardware developed by the same manufacturer gives a better user experience.”

Brain Boxes also offers Bluetooth software for the Pocket PC operating system, meaning owners of its CompactFlash cards can use them in their Pocket PCs.