Brainboxes launches significant new ExpressCard range

November 1, 2007 / News

Brainboxes, a leader in serial and Bluetooth connectivity, today launched the first of its new range of VX ExpressCard compact serial cards. The cards use the exclusive Boost software developed by Brainboxes to provide maximum compatibility with legacy serial applications. ExpressCard is the next generation of PC Card technology currently being introduced to new notebook computers and is the future of add-on connectivity for the laptop PC, which is under continual pressure to be smaller and thinner.

The VX-001 1 Port RS232 is the first product in the range and the first Brainboxes product to be based on USB technology. The Boost.USB software included with the range has been through an extensive program of testing with legacy devices. This has included a beta testing program specifically with customers known to have problems connecting with standard USB to serial products. This rigour in testing, together with an acclaimed customer support package are some of the elements that have made Brainboxes the serial card supplier of choice for companies around the world.

“The ExpressCard format is the future of add-on connectivity for laptop PCs with this continual pressure for reduction in size,” commented Stephen Evans, Managing Director of Brainboxes. “The high speeds and high data integrity of Brainboxes cards makes them perfectly matched to demands of PC users looking to add reliable and fault-free connectivity to their laptops. This provides an excellent solution to the large number of companies that need to connect to serial devices from their new laptops”

Brainboxes offers a full range of connectivity options in the range, with one and two port cards available for both RS232 and RS422/485 communications.

ExpressCard is a simple expansion option, especially for laptop PCs where space is limited. An ExpressCard takes up as little as half the space of a PC Card and a type 1 ExpressCard measures only 34x25x5mm. The ExpressCard is also hot swappable so a PC can stay active when expansion options are added or removed, enabling communications, memory and security options to be easily added to a PC with minimum impact.

All Brainboxes ExpressCard serial cards are fully RoHS compliant.  They come with full suite of software including drivers for Microsoft Windows Vista and XP (x32 bit and x64 bit editions) and all have Brainboxes’ lifetime support and warranty.