Where can I find the software for my BL-521/730?


Bluetooth Solutions Version 3.3
SHA1: 1F7F7C085D6E8071C4036CD65D991B19802EC6FF
Product Documentation

Configuration App

The Configuration application may be used to configure the settings on your BL-521/730 in a Windows operating system. Please download the zip file at the bottom of the page for configuration software, unzip the files and run the setup.exe file to install the configuration software. Further details of the configuration process can be found in the BL-521/730 manual.

Your BL-521/730 can also be upgraded using the Configuration Software.

Latest Firmware

The current firmware of your BL-521/730 can be found by accessing the Configuration Menu from a terminal application, such as HyperTerminal. The firmware version is displayed on the first menu screen after pressing Enter.

If your firmware is field upgradeable (version 3.01 onwards), please download the zip file below:

Further details of the upgrade process can be found in the BL-521/730 Manual.

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