What is the typical Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) for Brainboxes Products?


MTBF for our products is estimated at a minimum of 60,000 hours.

The table below shows MTBF for Brainboxes product ranges.
However an accurate calculation depends on variables outside our control including:

  • The individual MTBF of each component part
  • The frequency of the users’ cycling
  • Usage environment of the product.

Our reliability data is based on:

  1. Extensive in-house soak testing of all new products
  2. Returns data based on ISO9001 procedures
  3. Lifetime warranty and technical support commitment to customers
PX Range 450,000
UC Range 450,000
SW Range 750,000
ES Range 650,000
ED Range 575,000
US Range 850,000