My UC-146, UC-607 or UC RS422/485 card is not working properly


The cards mentioned above require later drivers to the standard released software version 5.4.1, as they were developed after the standard software was released. The drivers can be downloaded from the following location: Serial Solutions and are labelled as being specifically designed for these cards.

If you still have problems using these drivers in 2000, XP or Server 2003 it may be because the operating system is searching the Windows Update site for a better driver during the installation.

The standard release of the drivers is Digitally Signed and available for download by Windows Update and although the cards above require later drivers, because the later drivers are not yet digitally signed (though they pass all our internal Logo Approval testing), the operating system prefers to install the Signed Drivers.

To avoid this problem you can:

1. Right click on My Computer and choose Properties

2. Select the Hardware tab and press the Windows Update button

3. Change the radio option so that it selects Never Search Windows Update for drivers

4. Alternately, remove the network/modem cable from the PC during the driver installation. When the next version of drivers is released they will be Digitally Signed and so this problem will no longer occur.

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