I’m losing data when transmitting or receiving via the BL-521


The data transfer rate over Bluetooth can be slow at times, depending on the distance and environment between the two devices, and the throughput can vary greatly. Streaming data without the use of flow control can cause data loss between the RS232 port (local) and the BL-521 (local). This is especially likely if the receiving baud rate is slower than the BT throughput rate.

Therefore it is recommended that CTS/RTS handshaking is enabled on the BL-521 and that CTS/RTS handshaking is used for data transfer to enforce data integrity.
The handshaking option for the BL-521 can be altered either through the use of the Configuration Utility or by using the Firmware Upgrade Wizard by selecting the third option in the wizard.

If you require the utilities mentioned above, please contact our support team.

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