I am trying to install my PCI/PCMCIA card in Windows 2000/XP but the installation wizard is asking for a .vxd file or a Windows 95/98 file.


Windows 2000/XP has accidentally started to install the Windows 98 drivers from the Serial Solutions CD.
Please follow these steps:

1. Use the 2000/XP uninstall procedure to fully remove all Brainboxes files from your system. Uninstall application located in the latest driver folder and then reboot your PC.

2. Copy the SSWin2K folder from your Serial Solutions CD (located in / DiskImg / SSWin2K), to your desktop and then remove the CD from your machine. Alternately, remove the CD and download the latest Win2k/XP drivers from our website.

3. Reboot your machine and when the Add New Hardware wizard appears upon restarting, choose to “Install from a specific location” and browse to the SSWin2K folder on your desktop.

4. The correct drivers will now install

If you’re still experiencing issues installing the driver having followed the steps above, please submit a Support Form and our support team will be happy to help you further.

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