I am trying to install my 2-port PCMCIA card in Windows 2000 but it will not install properly.


We are now able to provide support for 2-port PCMCIA cards in Windows 2000 at up to 115200 baud rates and in Full Duplex mode only (for RS422/485 cards). The fix will install the card using Microsoft drivers.

Please follow these steps:

1. Uninstall the Serial Solutions driver if you have attempted to install the card already. To uninstall, run the uninstall program then reboot your computer.

2. Download and unzip the following two installation files to WINNTinf: Installation Files

Please remember that WINNTinf is a hidden folder. To show hidden folders it is necessary to go to:
Start > Settings > Control Panel > Folder Options > View > “Show Hidden Files and Folders”.

3. Shut down PC and remove the card.

4. Restart PC and insert the card.

5. The driver will install automatically and Brainboxes ports can be viewed in Device Manager.

This is accessed by right clicking on My Computer on the desktop.
Then choose: Properties > Hardware > Device Manager > Ports

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