How do I use the Brainboxes RS232 Adaptor if I am unable to use the Brainboxes stack?


The Brainboxes RS232 Adaptor (BL-510) is not a convertor, that is to say it does not have an on-board Bluetooth stack. The adaptor can be plugged into a PC’s com port and then an application such as CSR’s Bluechat can be used to open the port and perform enquiries and serial connections. This is useful for two RS232 devices where Bluechat can be used on both sides (Windows98, Windows2000 OS), but currently not applicable to any other type of device with an RS232 port. Details as to how to use Bluechat are in the Bluetooth section of the Technical Support page. ‘Using CSR tools with Brainboxes products’. The Brainboxes RS232 Convertor (BL-521) is currently under development. It will have a Bluetooth stack up to RFCOMM and Serial Port profile embedded and running on the product itself. This means that it will send and receive standard serial data through the serial port. For this reason the device to which it is attached does not need to know anything about Bluetooth. Please monitor our website for details of the RS232 Convertor’s release.

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