How do I upgrade my Ethernet to Serial device’s firmware?


Latest ES (4784.6 KB) – Current Released Firmware for All ES Devices is: 6.20
SHA1: 09A94B9405D725F918FC4D8DFBAF0FBAC12A30D5

*Important: I receive an error about the “wrong type of firmware file”*

If when attempting to update your ES device, you receive an the error stating that the firmware file is of the wrong type or incorrect for the device being updated, then it is likely that the device being upgraded in an older “Revision 2” device.

Revision 2 devices Only support firmware versions up to and including 4.77. Any firmware version after but not including 4.77 cannot be installed on a Revision 2 device. The latest firmware version available above cannot be installed on a Revision 2 device.

What Firmware Version Do I Need?

The current firmware of your ES device can be found by selecting the device in Boost.LAN Manager and look under the Device Info section, or looking at the top right corner of the ES web configuration pages.

The latest firmware version is 6.20 and is available to download in a zipped file above. For information on how to upgrade the firmware of your ES device, please watch the video above.

Please note: the firmware upgrade process requires the use of network ports 67, 68, 69 and 80. If a firewall system is in use which restricts access to these ports, the firmware upgrade may not complete successfully. If unsure, we recommend upgrading on an isolated network to ensure best results.

You must make sure to perform the following during your upgrade:

  • Have the system you’re upgrading from be on the same subnet as your device
  • Make sure to tick the ‘Reset to Factory Default’ button

By not performing these actions could result with your device getting stuck in upgrade mode. It is recommended to upgrade the driver first, before upgrading the firmware: