How do I reset my BL device?


Resetting the device

Located on the top of the BL device, there is a small hole with a button inside which requires a paper clip to press. This button serves for two reasons, a short and a long reset procedure.

A short press (less than 3 seconds) of the reset button causes any paired device information to be deleted. When the device is in low security mode, this will not have any effect on the devices operation, but whilst in high security mode, this will mean that another device can pair with adapter, orthat the original device must expire its bond in order to reconnect.

A long press (more than 3 seconds) of the reset button causes all factory defaults to be restored. Care should be taken here to remember that these “factory” settings can actually be updated via the interactive menu and thus may not be the same as the device was shipped with. The user should also remember that adapter is likely to need its parameters re-configuring to ensure communications can be re-established with either the local serial device, or remote Bluetooth device.

Long press

  • Hold down the reset button for about 20 seconds with the power on
  • Power cycle the device
  • Access the device using baud 9600,n,1

Double tap

  • Hold the button for about 3-5 seconds
  • Repeat
  • Access the device using baud 9600,n,1

Please see the manual below for the two different reset procedures.

Brainboxes Bluetooth Reset Manual.pdf (464.3 kB)

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