How do I make my ED devices secure on my Network?


This FAQ will explain several different ways on how you can securely add your Brainboxes ED device to your network.

Disabling UPNP

Disabling the universal plug & play to stop the device from being seen under the Network folder on your Operating System. This will also mean it will not appear inside the Boost.IO software, however it can be manually added if you need it:


Change the default port of the webserver

The default port number is 80. If you change it then it would make users have to use a specific port that YOU set to access the device. So if you set the port to 8888, then the webpage would be:

Put the device on a different subnet

Ask your network administrator to put your ED device onto a different subnet to your company network. This will ensure anyone using the company network cannot see your Brainboxes device:


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